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I was in a head on crash with a drunk driver just before I turned 20.  I* have scars from the accident itself, as well as scars on my arms and legs from the surgeries I had to put me back together afterwards.

I’m slowly getting them covered with tattoos.

Playing musical chairs in fifth grade, one chair left and it was between my and my classmate. I tripped while running for it and sliced my leg on a desk’s pointy metal foot. Deep 2-inch cut on my left knee and had to get a tetanus shot.

Fell into a manhole.

the dryer door handle broke off in my hand when I tried to open it.

aside from thyroidectomy and gall bladder removal scars…two and a half years ago, wearing some five-inch jeffrey campbells, i fell down a flight of stairs at the club.  since then i’ve had a softball-sized bruise on my shin that’s only just now fading

on the last day of junior year at high school i was running to the bus, tripped on the sidewalk, and landed hard on my knees

nobody let me sit down on the bus i had to stand the whole way home, blood oozing down into my white kneesocks. It took weeks to heal because the scabs opened every time i moved

my knees still look like cottage cheese

i was performing at a christmas concert in high school for chorus and i hadn’t eaten before so i ended up passing out. when i came to i was on the floor and my chorus teacher was cradling my head and they got me off-stage and cooled off (the heat was directly on me) and gave me some water and i ended up going back out and finishing the concert after sitting out for one song. (one of my friends skipped the concert because he had a headache but confessed later that he wanted to play league of legends and faked it. the entire class teased him about it for a year.)

when we finished the concert i noticed that my leg was sore and pulled my pants leg up to see that when i fell i scraped my leg open and i had blood all over my sock. like, i scraped deep enough to mess with the nerves bc that spot on my leg is still numb, and that was three years ago. it took about two months to fully heal. ironically, the scar is shaped like a christmas tree.

I was coming back from a meeting for president’s of student orgs, junior year in college.  It was absolutely pouring rain.  I could barely see straight when I was driving home.

Dropped the co-prez off at their house and went back to my apartment.  Sighed as I turned off the car, and thought to myself, “Ah, well, this ain’t too bad.  You can go inside, change into some nice warm jammies, and work on your short story for writing workshop and your directed reading activity for Methods.”

Run, but not on the pavement.  Slip on a really muddy spot.  Land on my left ankle.


Break left ankle in three places, taken to the hospital, have surgery the next day to insert a metal plate and several screws to basically attach my foot to the rest of my body because the bone sure as hell ain’t doing it.

Got a nice scar up the left side of my left leg where they put the plate in.

A couple years ago, right after I started dating my girlfriend, we were making pizza, and stupid me, stuck my arm in the oven. Well one thing led to another and my forearm hit the top rack and burned a thin almond mark. We call it the “Eye of Sauron”. 

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No one creeps like Amon
Haunts your sleep like Amon
Makes those prissy-haired probenders weep like Amon

For there’s no Equalist half as manly
Perfect, a pure paragon!
You can ask any non-bender handy
And they’ll tell you whose team they’d prefer to be on

No one’s fast as Amon
Wears a mask like Amon
Wants to kick Avatar Korra’s ass like Amon

And his speeches are really intimidating
My what a guy, that Amon!

Give five flameos
Give twelve yip-yips
Amon is the best and the rest is all drips

No one plots like Amon
Calls the shots like Amon
No one hides out and never gets caught like Amon

So you benders don’t even think of escaping
My what a guy, Amon!





This is so cool! But what country are they from? “Africa” is really vague.

Their names are Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin, and Bello Eniola and they’re from Lagos, Nigeria. There’s a neat video about them here.

boost the fuck out of this, and make sure you include their goddamn names and country of origin.

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